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Truck hitch failure is dangerous

big truck accident lawyers mnTruck hitches add convenience and usability to a truck as they allow the driver to tow a trailer. They can, however, cause traffic accidents if they are defective. In both delivery trucks and semi-trucks, a broken hitch can cause major problems. The crash can cause serious injuries no matter whether the trailer collides with the truck or a hitch falls from it.

Truck accident lawyer in Minneapolis for injuries caused by defective trailer hitches

Without any professional training, a driver may have difficulty tying the trailer to the back of his pickup truck, resulting in detached-trailer accidents. Many trailer detachments are caused by rusted, cracked, or faulty latches. When a hitch fails, the trailer or towed vehicle separates from the hauling vehicle, leading to containers coming loose and crossing the center lane of a highway and colliding with oncoming traffic. Accidents caused by negligent or faulty towing can result in brain injuries, broken bones, fractures, spinal cord injuries, or even death.

Transport Companies and Truckers Are Liable

If you were injured in a truck accident caused by a runway trailer or defective hitch assembly in Minneapolis, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation. Safety and effectiveness are among the responsibilities of vehicle equipment manufacturers. However, when those products fail due to design flaws and low-quality materials, manufacturers violate their duty to act responsibly, resulting in injuries and harm to innocent parties. Product liability claims may also be filed against a manufacturer of a defective hitch that led to a collision. Furthermore, trucking companies might be held culpable if their employees negligently act.

For Hitch Defects, Contact an Experienced Minneapolis Truck Accident Attorney

One of the most frightening road experiences you can have is a truck crash caused by a failed hitch assembly.

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