Why you need to Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

When you board a bus to travel you do so in the expectation that you will arrive at your destination safe and sound. Sometimes this is not the case and you may now find yourself struggling with huge medical bills and unable to work while you endure the pain and suffering of a prolonged recovery. If you have been injured in a bus accident you can potentially hold liable the bus company, the driver of the bus, the driver of a colliding vehicle, and/or the manufacturers of the bus and some specific components. Our bus accident attorney team at Penn Kestner & McEwen has acquired the ability to sort out the different liabilities to assure you of the highest level of compensation for your misfortune.

Types of Bus Accidents

There are several types of bus accidents and every one of them can leave you with serious injuries that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Broken bones, cranial and spinal injuries, brain trauma, amputations, and paralysis have all occurred in such accidents. These can result from truck collisions with a bus, a bus striking a pedestrian or a bicyclist, or a bus hitting another bus. Our bus accident attorney team at Penn Kestner & McEwen will assemble all the facts surrounding your accident to conclude who was responsible who should be named in your claim. Bus accidents are much more than glorified car crashes. Common carriers such as bus companies are regulated by a complex set of federal regulations to which they are required to strictly adhere. Oftentimes, the do not and liabilities can be apportioned among several factors to arrive at a substantial figure for your just compensation.

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It is important to contact a personal injury attorney immediately after such an incident. You should not talk to any insurance agent about your traffic collision injury until you have had the opportunity to talk with one of our personal injury attorneys nor should you accept any offer of settlement of your claim. Let us sit with you and examine the facts and offer you all of your legal options. Working together on your claim we can assure you of the highest possible financial settlement to get you moving forward with your life once again. Don’t hesitate to call us, Penn Kestner & McEwen will answer all of your questions. Only YOU can start this process to achieve the compensation for your damages and injuries that you so justly deserve. All it takes is a simple phone call. And your initial conference will be free of charge.