There are many reasons why big rig drivers get in accidents and are subject to a lawsuit. Sometimes the circumstances are beyond their control or another driver is at fault, and the auto accident is inevitable. Other times, the driver is negligent and causes a crash he could have avoided, resulting in a lawsuit. There are many reasons why truck drivers might cause a crash, opening him or his company up to a car accident lawsuit.

Driver Fatigue

Big rig drivers have to drive several hours without stopping, and rest breaks are few and far between. While laws requiring sleep breaks are mandated in almost every state, some companies encourage drivers to push through without stopping, or taking a shorter rest break. Some drivers decide on their own to forgo their sleep break, so they can be finished sooner. This leads to sleepy drivers on the road, and a sleepy driver is just as unsafe as an intoxicated one. Fatigue while driving is a huge factor in truck-related auto accidents.

Aggressive Driving

Most truck drivers follow all traffic laws to the letter, and many ensure their safety and that of car drivers, avoiding a lawsuit. However, many hours driving can wear on one’s patience, and some become a bully on the road. This aggressive driving behavior can easily cause auto accidents. Tailgating, switching lanes quickly or without signaling, and driving slowly in the far left lane are common aggressive behaviors that can leave truck drivers open to a car accident lawsuit.


While most truck drivers know better than to drink or take drugs and drive, some of them may use artificial stimulants or sugary energy drinks to stay awake on the road. Often, these legal beverages don’t result in any problems, a sugar crash can lead to fatigue. And if a driver has a cold but doesn’t want to or can’t miss work, taking the wrong cold medicine could lead to drowsiness akin to a drunken state, which can lead to an auto accident that could result in a car accident lawsuit.

Improper Vehicle Maintenance

Many trucking companies have a huge overhead–those trucks are expensive, and so is their upkeep and maintenance. The expenses can tempt the owners to cut corners with their maintenance, which can cause problems like delays in braking, equipment failures, loss of items from the truck which can hit a car and severely injure the person, and many other problems that can cause a car accident.

A car accident lawsuit is a daunting undertaking, just as with any lawsuit. If you or a loved one was injured or killed by a negligent truck driver, or you sustained damage to your car in an accident, our nationally-respected attorneys will help you file a lawsuit. While many truck drivers are very safe on the road, an auto crash can happen any time, and if the driver who hit your car or caused an accident was negligent, you should contact us to inquire about a truck accident lawsuit.