Accident Claim

February 23, 2023

How to File a Lawsuit Against a Negligent Truck Manufacturer

When truck accidents result in severe injuries or tragic fatalities, injury victims and family members of lost loved ones often assume the truck driver or trucking […]
February 9, 2023

The Timeline of a Truck Accident Claim

Whether a speeding truck driver caused the accident that resulted in your severe injury or the negligence of a loading company was to blame, you want […]
February 5, 2023

How to Know if a Lawyer Can Handle Your Truck Accident Case

Whether you’ve suffered a severe injury or a loved one died in a truck accident, you’re going to want full and fair compensation from those responsible. […]
January 21, 2023

5 Reasons Truck Accident Claims are Denied by Insurance Companies

So, you’ve been in a truck accident and suffered a severe injury. You’re 100% certain you weren’t to blame, but the insurance company denied your claim. […]
September 7, 2022
Can Multiple Parties be Liable for a Truck Accident - Penn Kestner & Mcewen The Truck Lawyers Personal Injury Attorneys

Multiple Party Liability for a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are typically much different from car accidents. The injuries are typically more severe, because of the sizes of the vehicles involved. Another big difference […]
August 31, 2022
Who’s At Fault for My Truck Accident Injuries - The Trucking Lawyers Penn Kestner & McEwen Personal Injury Attorneys

Who’s At Fault for My Truck Accident Injuries?

The first thing people typically want to know after they’ve suffered severe injuries in a truck accident is who is at fault? Whether the accident involved […]
July 22, 2022
5 Types of Evidence That Can Help You Win Your Truck Accident Case - The Trucking Lawyers Penn Kestner & Mcewen - Truck Accident Personal Injury Attorneys - Logbooks Inspection Records

5 Types of Evidence That Can Help You Win Your Truck Accident Case

There are a lot of reasons why it can be incredibly difficult to win a personal injury case stemming from a trucking accident. If you’re going […]