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Accidents caused by truck brake failure

Truck Accident Injury in TexasThe failure of the brakes on a large commercial truck poses a real risk to motorists, pedestrians, and others on the road. It is possible that serious injuries or even death may result from this crash. Failure of the vehicle’s brakes may result in the trucker losing control and crashing into another vehicle. When the cargo is improperly loaded onto the truck, it can become loose and fall to the road, resulting in devastating injuries.

An established truck accident lawyer could help you get the compensation you deserve if you or someone you love has been hurt in a truck accident due to brake failure.

Common causes of truck brake failure crashes

No matter who causes the accident, truckers, manufacturers, or loading companies, carelessness is the main contributor. Other possible causes include:

Truckers, trucking companies, and manufacturers are often responsible for the lives of other motorists and passengers on the road. A faulty brake system can lead to an accident caused by careless or reckless truckers, defective products, or negligent mechanics.

Who could be liable when brake failure results in a truck accident?

In order to prove brake failure, you need to ensure the party you are suing is truly liable. This is because truckers, trucking companies, and manufacturers can all be potentially liable. Neither the trucking company nor the trucker can avoid responsibility for negligent maintenance if the truck is not maintained correctly. The trucking company and the trucker may both be responsible for a brake failure crash if the trucker is not adequately trained and experienced. Truck brake failure accidents could be caused by faulty or defective brakes, and the brake manufacturer may be responsible for any damages resulting from these injuries.

Get help with a knowledgeable attorney for brake failure accidents.

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