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While new technology has made many parts of modern life more enjoyable and convenient, misuse of this technology can be particularly dangerous. When it comes to driving, innovations such as dashboard navigation systems and anti-lock brakes have improved the ease and safety of traveling. But technology can also be distracting, particularly mobile phones that have capabilities such as messaging and web browsing in addition to simply oral communication. Those newer features have proved problematic, and the results can be heartbreaking, such as in the case of a 17-year-old student at Byron High School in Olmstead County was killed on the first day of school in a texting and driving car accident.

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Texting while driving and using in-car entertainment systems are just a few of the distractions that an result in unsafe driving that puts everyone on the road in danger. And while laws may not always keep up with the pace of changing technology — many states do not have cell phone driving bans, for example — victims of such crashes can still seek recourse against drivers who caused car accidents while engaging in distracting behaviors. In these cases, it is crucial to have an experienced, skilled law firm on your side — one with attorneys who understand how you can secure the compensation you deserve based on the most recent decisions from the relevant courts.

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When you work with the McEwen Law Firm, you can be sure you will be working with a dedicated, resourceful lawyer who can help you understand your rights following an injury sustained in a car accident. Whether your auto accident was caused by a distracted driver or if you sustained an injury due to the reckless driving of another, a lawyer a McEwen will take the time to help you understand your rights so you can move forward in an attempt to earn compensation for the costs of medical care for your injury, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Unlike other firms that simply refer difficult cases to other firms, each lawyer at the McEwen Law Firm works hard to use the firm’s resources and insight to resolve your car accident claim. Regardless of the cause of the car accident and injury, each lawyer at McEwen Law Firm is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for clients, even with novel areas of law and unique claims.

Because issues such as new technology and distracted driving are continually evolving and resulting in new laws and regulations, you need a lawyer who is passionate about being a student of the law, one who is always learning more to help clients. At McEwen Law Firm, attorneys take pride in keeping up with the latest developments in car collision and personal injury law, enabling them to better serve clients. Every collision is different, and it takes a skilled, experienced attorney to understand how changing laws, new technology, recent court decisions, and unique factual circumstances bear on the ability of clients to fight for compensation in court. For this reason, McEwen Law Firm is a top choice for Minnesota vehicle collision plaintiffs.

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