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Types of Large Commercial Truck Crashes

When a truck driver loses control, the heavy truck can crash in many different ways, some of which may be unexpected. For example, Earlier this year in Minnesota,1 a truck driver lost control, which caused the truck to slam through a guardrail and fall off the raised highway onto the road below. A smaller car likely would have crashed into the guardrail and stopped but the size and weight of the truck caused it to plummet off the side of the bridge, killing the driver.

The above is only one example of accidents that are often unique to commercial trucks. The following are a few more types of devastating truck accidents:

Jackknife – A truck and its trailer are connected by a device called a coupling device. The coupling is supposed to keep the trailer steady behind the truck while still allowing flexibility for turns. However, when a truck is driving on the highway, the coupling can fail for various reasons and the trailer can swing out wide – perpendicular to the truck. The trailer can crash into any traffic in its path and the driver often loses control of the truck, as well.

Override – When a truck crashes into the back of a car, it is often no normal fender-bender like other types of rear-end accidents. Instead, if it is a smaller car, the front of the truck may drive up onto the car, often crashing into the backseat. As imagined, this can be fatal for any backseat passengers.

Underride – Similarly, if a car hits the back of a truck, the high clearance of the truck may cause the car to become wedged underneath the truck. This can cause the truck’s bumper to crash through the windshield and directly hit front seat passengers in some tragic circumstances. Despite the required underride guards on trucks, these accidents can still occur.

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