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Truck Drivers Must Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection

Pre-trip inspections for all commercial truck drivers are mandated by the Code of Federal Regulations1+ (CFR). These mandatory inspections, however, are widely considered to be one of the most ignored safety rules in the trucking industry. Tractor trailers are behemoths of the road, and they pose a significant threat for all drivers. It’s imperative that large commercial trucks are in tip top shape before they join us on the road, and a thorough pre-trip inspection can go a long way toward ensuring that they are. 

The Safety Rules

The rules require that every commercial truck driver prepares a report at the end of each workday that reflects the minimal pre-trip inspection points made by the driver for each commercial vehicle driven:

  • All service and parking brakes;
  • Steering mechanisms;
  • All lights and reflectors;
  • All mirrors;
  • Wheels, tires, and rims;
  • Emergency equipment;
  • Coupling or connecting devices;
  • Windshield and windshield wipers; and
  • Horn.

But that’s not all; the CFR requires truckers to inspect their trucks and cargos more frequently than simply at the beginning of each trip;

  • Within the first 50 miles of beginning a trip;
  • Whenever the driver’s duty status changes; and
  • After driving for 3 hours or for 150 miles.

It’s every truck driver’s obligation to inspect his or her rig and to sign off on it as being in safe operating condition. Time is money for over-the-road commercial drivers, but pre-inspections are crucial to safety on the road and should never be overlooked, rushed, or improperly recorded.

Accidents Happen

The fact is that equipment failure in big rigs often causes accidents, a fact which can be catastrophic for other drivers on the road. Although many factors can contribute to mechanical and equipment failure, the first round of defense is the commercial truck driver’s thorough and accurate pre-trip inspection of his or her rig, which helps to ensure that important safety elements are all in good working order. Lives depend upon it. 

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a semi-truck collision that may have been caused by the truck driver’s negligence, seek the expert counsel of an experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney.

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