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Speeding Truck Drivers Cause Injuries

One of the very first things you learn when you are first training to drive is that you should always follow the speed limit. Speed limits vary on highways and roads depending on many factors, including traffic patterns, intersections, curves, and other conditions that may warrant a faster or slower flow of traffic. If a driver travels faster than the speed limit, they may not be able to slow down or stop fast enough or maintain control of their vehicle on turns.

Speed limits are extremely important for commercial truck drivers, as their big rigs are significantly heavier and easier to lose control of than regular passenger cars. Traveling too fast can often lead a truck to crash into other vehicles. For example, on September 30th, a truck driver from Minnesota was reportedly speeding and could not control his truck on a curve, which caused him to slam into an SUV, killing the SUV’s driver. This is only one example of how severe collisions caused by speeding trucks can be.

Truck Drivers should Use Their Judgment

While the posted speed limit is the technical legal limit, all drivers are expected to use their judgment to slow down when warranted by road or weather conditions, and truck drivers are no different. Some conditions that may require a truck driver to travel below the speed limit include:

-Wet, snowy, or icy roads
-Especially hilly or curvy roads
-Dense or slower traffic
-Highways with potholes, cracks, uneven lanes, debris, or other hazards

While truck drivers want to complete as many deliveries as possible so they increase their earning, speeding to make a delivery regularly puts other motorists at risk of serious injury and even death.

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