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Should I Give A Statement To The Insurance Company After A Truck Accident?

truck accident attorney mnDriving is quite a dangerous endeavor but it is still much safer to drive today than it was in previous years. In the state of Minnesota, the MnDOT (Minnesota Department of Transportation) has reported that there is an accident every single minute. Thankfully, the vast majority of these accidents are not serious. Of course, there are certain accidents where there are bad injuries and damages. In the event that you get into a vehicular accident, you should be aware of your rights and ensure they are well protected by a Minnesota accident lawyer. This lawyer will look over all of the details of your particular accident and ensure that you get the monetary compensation you deserve due to the accident and the injuries you’ve sustained.

What Happens Right After An Accident?

After the accident, the insurance company of the other driver will call you so that they can find out about your injuries as well a get a statement. You should remember that these insurance reps typically record the phone conversation, so be sure to be careful of what you say. The insurance rep will ask you about the accident, how it happened and various other details. Even though the conversation may seem to be simple and innocent, you need to be careful how you answer since your answers will determine your compensation.

Unfortunately, the insurance company may actually use the information from your statement and the phone call against you. One good example is if you tell them that you were driving a bit faster than usual, then they may say that you were speeding and that is why the accident occurred. It is important to remember that the goal of the insurance company is to reduce how much they pay out and they definitely don’t have your interests at heart. So, for this reason, it is highly recommended that you hire a Minnesota accident lawyer before you even speak to the other party’s insurance company or make any statements. Your lawyer will give you the right advice on how to proceed with your statement and how to answer the question posed by the insurance adjuster.

Minnesota & Modified Comparative Negligence

When it comes to personal injury claims in the state of Minnesota, modified comparative negligence rule is used. Basically, this means that every single driver involved in the accident would be assigned a percentage of fault. If a driver’s fault percentage is not over 50% then they will likely be able to get compensation. Due to this rule, the insurance companies will typically try to assign blame to the driver who is actually the victim. The statement that you give to the insurance company will usually be used to show that you are partially or even fully at fault which is why it is important to only give this statement after guidance from your attorney.

In addition to your statement, the insurance company will also look for other sources of information in order to determine fault. They may use the police report, witness statements etc. Also, your conversation to the insurance adjuster will be attached to your case and it can actually cause you to not get the compensation that you’re owed.

Speak To A Truck Accident Attorney

After you’ve been in an accident, the most intelligent thing that you can do is call and speak to an experienced truck accident attorney. They will look over your case and give you the best advice on how to go forward and how you should talk to the insurance adjuster.

In the event that you’ve been hurt or injured due to the auto accident, you should not try to handle everything on your own. You should get help from one of our extremely experienced lawyers, so be sure to call us at (855) 396-3926 so we can provide a free consultation.

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