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Negligent Hiring Can Lead to Serious Truck Accidents

As with any employer, the quality of your employees is a vital aspect of your business. Not only can a poor employee drastically spoil the bunch as the expression goes, but business owners are legally responsible for the actions of their employees taken during the course of business. Further, not only is a business owner liable for the negligent actions for their employees, such as traffic violations, they may be additionally liable for a cause of action called negligent hiring.

Hiring in the Trucking Industry

Annually, the United States trucking industry transports nearly 9.2 billion tons of freight,1 which puts close to 3 million trucks and 3 million truck drivers on America’s roads each year. With a shortage of nearly 25,000 truck drivers in the United States, corporations continue to lower the standards by which truck drivers are trained and hired. Although a federally regulated industry,2 due to this shortage, many businesses may hire drivers who only meet the bare minimum medical and driving requirements, as they do not have a large pool of qualified drivers to pull from.

Cause of Action for Negligent Hiring

If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident and the truck driver’s negligent behavior was extreme, hiring a qualified attorney to investigate the case may reveal that the truck driver had a less-than-stellar driving record when he or she was employed by the vicariously liable corporation. This may create liability on the part of his or her employer under a cause of action called negligent hiring, the essential legal aspects of which are as follows:

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