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Minnesota Truck Accident FAQ Part 1

Truck accidents can leave victims scared, confused, and uncertain about what to do next. Here are some answers to questions we frequently hear when truck accident victims first come to us for help.

Do I Have a Case?

Not surprisingly, the first thing that many victims want to know is whether they have a case they can pursue. Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether you have a claim without conducting a thorough review of the specific facts in your case, but generally, in order to recover, you need to be able to establish that your accident was caused by the negligence1 of another person.

What is My Case Worth?

Assuming that you do have a claim, it is only natural to wonder how much you will be able to recover. As it is not possible to determine whether you have a claim without reviewing your case, it is similarly impossible to provide any estimate regarding what your case is worth. Some of the factors that may be relevant to how much you will be able to recover include your age, occupation, the nature of your injuries, and whether you were partially at fault for your accident.

Will My Case Go to Trial?

Many victims want to know if they will have to go to trial. While it is possible that your case may go to trial, you should be aware of the fact that the vast majority are settled out of court. Generally speaking, the at-fault party concedes that he or she caused the accident, leaving compensation as the only issue that needs to be determined. Cases that go to trial are often complex and involve disputes about basic facts that will need to be determined by a judge or a jury.

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