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Mandate for Truck Speed-Limiters Grinds to a Halt

According to a report in the Commercial Carrier Journal, a proposed federal rule┬áthat would require speed limiters on newly manufactured heavy-duty trucks will never take effect as a result of the new administration in the White House. Many trucking organizations have been fighting the mandate, which was created to increase safety and decrease carbon emissions; and it looks like they’ve prevailed.

Big Rigs and Safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration identifies speed as the single-most significant contributor to major commercial truck accidents, like rollovers. Massive tractor-trailers barreling down the roads that we all share obviously impose increased driving risks. In fact, the DOT finds that the most calamitous wrecks are caused by semi-trucks and that the number of these accidents has been rising steadily since 2009. These are frightening statistics that should not be ignored; the average driver should remain ever vigilant about sharing the road with big rigs.

Speed Limiters: Pros and Cons

What dropping this speed limiter mandate will mean for road safety is yet to be determined. The DOT, for its part, stands behind the mandate for its road safety implications and for its attendant decreased carbon footprint.

The American Trucking Association (ATA), though it purports to seek a speed limiter mandate of some kind, does not support this mandate for several reasons:

  • The mandate doesn’t pinpoint an exact speed limitation but instead provides three possible speeds.
  • The mandate fails to factor in the safety concerns associated with speed differentials between large trucks and small vehicles on the road.
  • The mandate could lead to an over-reliance on technological safety rather than on drivers road safety expertise especially when it comes to factoring in dangerous road conditions.
  • The mandate doesn’t definitively state whether the device should be installed in all trucks retroactively or only in those that are newly manufactured.

Speed Kills

The fact remains that increased speeds amplify the dangers of the road, and should always be carefully monitored. This is especially critical for semi-trucks, which have the potential to cause immense damage and destruction when they are involved in accidents

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