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Big Rig Accident Injuries And Compensation

truck accident firmAccidents are common on every state’s roads, and Minnesota is no exception. A significant number of these accidents involve commercial trucks. When a truck is involved in a collision with passenger vehicles, the added mass has an unfortunate tendency to make the resulting injuries more severe. If you were injured in a big-rig accident, be aware that there may be compensation available to you.

Damages In Truck Accident Claims

The primary purpose of filing a truck accident claim is to get compensation for the damages you suffered in the accident imposed on you. This compensation could be either a settlement or an award. Damages in accident claims can be defined very broadly, covering both financial and non-financial losses caused by your accident. In truck accident claims, all of the following damages are commonly cited:

* Medical expenses
* Physical therapy costs
* Prescription drug costs
* Future medical treatment
* Earnings lost due to an inability to work
* Pain and suffering
* Emotional trauma
* Reduced earning potential due to disability

If you lost a loved one to a big rig accident, you can claim wrongful death damages under Minnesota law. Examples include:

* Funeral expenses
* Emotional damages
* Loss of companionship
* Lost earnings that would have provided for dependents
* Loss of household services

Depending on the details of your accident, you may want to claim for one type of damages or many. Damages can often extend further than you think. For example, if you need surgery to attend to injuries suffered in an accident, the expense of medical care is an obvious form of damages. But damages can also cover your ongoing physical therapy and aftercare needs. You can even seek damages to compensate you for your reduced ability to work or enjoy life as normal while you are undergoing treatment for your injuries.

Whenever the root cause of your accident lies in another party’s negligence, you are entitled to seek full compensation for all of your damages.

Every Case Is Different

No two truck accidents are exactly alike, and so every truck accident claim is distinguished by the unique circumstances that apply to it. One result of these differences is that it is difficult to compare settlements between cases. One plaintiff’s results may be very different from anothers due to the subtle differences between their cases.

In every case, though, you stand a better chance of reaching a favorable outcome if you have an experienced truck accident attorney on your side. Your lawyer can help you make a comprehensive account of your damages and then fight tirelessly to secure the compensation for them that you deserve. Your attorney’s first step is typically to negotiate with the insurance companies involved in the accident and attempt to secure a fair settlement for you.

Take Any Attorney-Free Settlement Offer With A Grain Of Salt

Insurance companies make a habit of reaching out to injured parties quickly after a road accident, offering straightforward settlements. Keep in mind that a fast, cheap settlement is entirely in the insurance companies’ favor. An insurer’s initial settlement offer is going to be far less than the maximum possible amount of compensation. These fast settlements may not even cover all of your medical expenses.

Before you agree to any settlement, sign any agreement, or cash any checks, seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney. If you jump at a fast settlement offer, you may make it difficult or impossible to seek proper compensation through legal action.

Avoid Any Discussion Of A Settlement Until You Know The Extent Of Your Injuries

It’s a bad idea to start negotiating with insurance companies before you have a clear idea of how much your injuries are going to cost you. This may mean waiting out the entire treatment process. If you suffer long-term injuries or permanent disability in an accident, secure as much documentation as you can detailing your future medical needs. This will be vital when negotiating a settlement.

The Sooner You Seek Counsel, The Better

As time goes on after your accident, your legal options change regardless of what actions you take. To protect your rights and avoid missing important opportunities to secure compensation, you need to secure legal counsel sooner rather than later. To get started right away, call us at 855-396-3926 for a free consultation.

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