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Two Semis Collide In Sterling Heights

On March 3, 2014, WXYZ in Detroit reported that two semis crashed in Sterling Heights on Southbound Mound Road. It is unclear for the reasons surrounding this crash, but it occurred in the morning before many drivers were out for rush hour traffic.

According to the police, one semi was waiting at a red light between 17 Mile and Metro Parkway. As the semi remained still, another semi came barreling down the road. Through forensic data, it appears that the speeding semi was traveling at 50 miles per hour. At this speed, he struck the other semi from the rear. The impact caused diesel fuel to spill across the area, prompting closures between 17 Mile and Metro Parkway. It is possible that icy conditions are to blame, but investigators are still examining the cause.

The speeding semi driver was hurt, forcing him to be whisked to the hospital. There was no word on his condition at this time. The other semi driver’s condition was unknown as well. However, there were no reported casualties. Car traffic around the area was sparse, reducing the threat of other vehicles being involved. Traffic backups around the area were extensive as police tried to clean up the damaged semis by the afternoon. Photos and evidence had to be taken and sampled before the semis could be towed away. Both vehicles had huge impacts, making their loss inevitable as investigators figure out if weather, drugs or alcohol were to blame.

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