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Sterling Heights Semi-truck Accident, HAZMAT Situation

ABC’s WXYZ 7 News has reported a semi-truck accident on southbound Mound Road on Metro Parkway. The incident took place this morning in Sterling Heights, Michigan. A semi-truck that was stopped at a light was rear ended by another semi. Going 50 miles per hour, the semi collided with the idle truck, causing diesel fuel to spill across the roads. The accident has closed Mound Road between Metro Parkway and 17 Mile, and it has created a HAZMAT situation. Police and crews are working to clean the spilled fuel off the roadways. Police have informed news outlets that the driver of the semi that hit the stopped truck is severely injured. No additional details have been given about the driver’s condition and medical care. The condition of the driver of the semi that received the collision was not commented on. Also, police say that the area should be re-opened by mid-afternoon.

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