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South Africa Truck Accident Kills Five

Reported by Reuters, a highway accident in South Africa turned fatal when a vehicle hit a truck carrying explosive cartridges. The accident took place Thursday on the main highway between Johannesburg and Zimbabwe, killing four South African police officers and a motorist. An additional three other police officers were injured by the blast and their conditions were severe. The government explained that a grocery truck collided with the truck carrying the explosives. When police arrived at the scene, the cartridges unexpectedly went off.

The highway was sealed off in both directions. The explosion has left a large crater in the highway, which may impact Africa’s economy that relies heavily on road use. Debris was spread across the area, reaching over several hundred meters. No details or estimated time for repairs was provided.

To combat high traffic accident rates, strict laws have been introduced to lessen the number of vehicles in poor operating condition. Also, the laws give harsh punishment to reckless driving.

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