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Additional Research Is Required To Understand Minimizing Driver Fatigue

According to recent studies, one of the causes of crashes on the road is related to truck drivers being highly fatigued. However, various ways of how this can be minimized are still questionable. Based on National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s report, as inquired by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, mentions that there should be enough data and extensive research methods to be performed to understand the correlation between highway safety, fatigue, and even long-term health.

Why is it important? Truck driver fatigue plays an important role because, among the 4,000 fatalities that have been caused by buses and crashes, 10 – 20% of those are caused by fatigue. The data is based on the experts who are behind the said report.

One of the policies that have been put into this is to make sure that bus and truck drivers have a maximum number of hours to work and drive on the road. This means that they will have enough time for longer rests and sleeps before their next shift starts, thus, making them more alert while they’re on the road.

According to the said research, the majority of truck and bus drivers are being faced with various stresses, which include economic pressures and changes in their work schedules. Aside from they are more vulnerable to getting not enough sleep, they are also predisposed to develop various chronic health concerns such as hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health conditions related to obesity. Truck drivers are often pressured to make sure that all deliveries are done and are on schedule, no matter what. The question is, are the profits generated from these deliveries enough to compensate for the health and even the behavior of the truck driver, which can eventually lead to fatigue, endangering other pedestrians and motorists?

Based on the study, they are suggesting that the FMCSA should give their support towards research that’s geared towards the various factors that are related to the driver’s behavioral pattern, which are all related to sleep deficiency and fatigue. All of the data from this research can be identified, including their motivators and what makes them continue to drive despite them feeling overly tired.

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